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Whisky Tours or Tastings in Scotland
A trip to Scotland would be incomplete without exploring the nations' favourite tipple. No matter which part of the country you visit you will always find a great brand of the famous Scotch Whisky.

The word whisky is Gaelic and means "water of life". If you are interested in how it is made there are several tours that run throughout the year and all over the country. Is there anywhere better to sample a world-renowned favourite than at the distillery where it is made?

The traditions of distilling and maturing Scotch Whisky have evolved through the centuries, using crafts passed down through generations in a continual process of refinement. Today's fine Scotch Malt Whisky is produced in distilleries located in the most picturesque of settings and it is no accident that they are set in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Quite simply, they need to be close to the natural ingredients on which their unique flavour depends.

Discover the best that Scotland has to offer - breathtaking scenery, a beautiful coastline, attractive towns and villages. Eight distilleries and a cooperage make up the world famous Malt Whisky Trail in the Scottish Highlands. However, there are numerous distilleries throughout the country that are worth a visit, whether your interest is the history of whisky or your desire is simply to take a trip to a remote Scottish Island and try the much-loved drink there.

You can enjoy a visit to one of the unique distilleries, indeed, in some parts of Scotland there are many located closely together, so you can visit several!. There are many enjoyable aspects of a 'whisky trail' and you can make the most of the surroundings on this spectacular outing.

Whisky tours are extremely well informed and planned out for your enjoyment. Find out how the water is drawn from natural sources, how and where the whisky is distilled and the history of each distillery's own unique brand. Most importantly, take the opportunity to sample a glass of the amber nectar! An interesting day indeed lies in store at Scotland's distilleries. Distilleries closest to Glasgow and well worth a visit include:

Auchentoshan Distillery - Dalmuir, West Dunbartonshire

Glengoyne Distillery - Dumgoyne, near Killearn, Stirlingshire

Glenkinchie Distillery - Pencaitland, East Lothian


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