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Discover Scotland

The central location of the city of Glasgow allows for easy access to other cities and more rural areas of the country. Scotland is packed with scenic ambience yet rarely strays too far from urban energy.

With surrounding cities easily accessible by coach, car and train including Scotland's largest tourist destination and capital city Edinburgh which is a close competitor for Glasgow's retail capital crown and another historic hotspot. Also nearby is the historic former capital of the kingdom: Stirling which was only recently granted city status by the Queen in 2002 and holds the battle grounds of the world famous William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

As the home of Golf, Scotland proudly boasts over 500 fantastic courses. However, no true golfer's trip to Scotland would be complete without a pilgrimage to the centre of the golfing universe, the world famous St. Andrews. Visitors are also encouraged to enjoy world class Scottish (Scotch) Whiskey from its true home, or see how it is made in the nations many distilleries offering educational and tasting tours. Scotland is where the British Isles' highest mountain is which is Ben Nevis, a hot spot for climbing enthusiasts.

Scotland also offers an number of 5 star Ski Resorts and centres throughout the country many near our larger cities such as Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. Home to a diverse range of wildlife, Scotland provides many Zoo's, sea life centres and animal parks throughout the country. On the other hand, for true animal lovers, many areas offer boating trips for dolphin and killer whale (amongst other breeds) which can be spotted off the coasts of the mainland and islands and nature walks in search of the likes of the red deer and the golden eagle.

Scotland offers a diversity any country would crave and a character tourists simply cannot resist. From the bustling cosmopolitan retail capitals of Glasgow and Edinburgh to the rich landscapes of scenic highlands, its maintenance both culturally and physically of its historic values and landmarks, the pride, the local dialects and accents, the mystique of the likes of the Loch Ness Monster, the festivals, the activities, the culture and more, all of which contribute to making Scotland one of Europe's most loved tourists destinations today.


212 Renfrew Street
Glasgow, G3 6TX.

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