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Discover Scotland

Scotland provides the ideal environment for kayaking, whether on the open sea or on secluded rivers and lochs. There are a number of small islands off the west coast of Scotland, which make it a great venue for sea kayakers. In addition, a huge amount of rivers and lochs in Scotland provide an abundance of venues for kayaking and canoeing.

Many rivers are close to the road and easily accessible but equally a great many are far from any sort of habitation and involve a great deal of preparation to reach them. Once there though you will be rewarded, not only by the beauty of your surroundings, but by the fact you may well have the river to yourself. Fine if you are an experienced kayaker - for beginners there are a number of venues where you can receive expert tuition and learn to kayak or canoe. In addition, most kayak clubs lead well-priced trips and expeditions.

Sea kayakers can explore the Scottish coastline, affording the opportunity to experience a wonderful and varied environment, especially in the west, from rugged and stunning sea cliffs to calm and sheltered sandy coves. Relax on secluded beaches and in bays which, in some cases, are accessible only by kayak.

Discover Scotland's history as numerous Scottish castles sit on the coast, whilst marvelling at the sheer variety of sea birds and marine wildlife. In this regard, the Moray Firth often welcomes whales, dolphins and porpoises while the east coast of Scotland offers some great areas for bird watching.

Scotland offers a huge variety of both sea and fresh water environments in which to indulge your love of kayaking. Whether your desire is for pleasure or to test yourself, there is something for everyone of every level to be found throughout the country. Check out our links page for more information.

Centrally placed and within reasonable traveling distance of many popular locations, why not choose Glasgow as your base for your kayaking trip.

Popular kayaking locations:
  • Kyles of Bute and Loch Ridden
  • Lothian coast, north east of Edinburgh
  • Moray Firth
  • South coast of Ayrshire


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