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Situated in West Central Scotland, Glasgow is the country's most populous city with its surrounding towns bringing the population of Greater Glasgow to almost 1.6million. Glasgow offers one of Europe's most modern and cosmopolitan cities against the backdrop of stunning Victorian architecture.

Oozing sophistication, culture, history, youthfulness and vibrancy, the city beat the likes of Paris, Athens and Amsterdam to the 1990 European City of Culture award creating a surge of further development in the city. Glasgow also won the 1999 UK City of Architecture and Design award due to its abundance of some of the most innovative architecture in the world today.

Glasgow is widely hailed as the UK's retail capital outside London, in that offering extravagant shopping malls, thousands of shops, departments stores and exclusive boutiques throughout the city. The shopper friendly city centre also provides many pedestrianized streets and squares were the shoppers can easily stroll from stores, cafes and coffee shops without the interruption of busy traffic.

As a cultural and historical hotspot, Glasgow offers a magnificent range of museums, historical landmarks, sporting stadiums, scenic private parks, art galleries and annual festivals the majority of which are funded by the council and offer free entry. Brimming with culture, one is unlikely to walk 30 yards in city centre without encountering street performance of some kind, whether it be magic, children's entertainment, street theatre, song and dance or unsigned singer songwriters of all genres, adding to the energetic feel of the recently voted "Britain's coolest City".

Nightlife is Glasgow has never been better, with a selection of nearly 1,000 pubs and bars across the city, ranging in all tastes from chic candlelit cocktail bars, to bustling student and themed nights elsewhere. With hundreds of restaurants, dozens upon dozens off nightclubs, comedy clubs and cinema complexes ( the 19-screen Cineworld Multiplex being officially the tallest cinema in the world) Glasgow hosts debatably the best nightlife in the UK, and can almost guarantee that title outside of London.

With over 2 million tourists visiting Glasgow each year and bursting with character, 'Glesga' is a city well and truly holding its own in the 21st century.

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